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February 2013
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This podcast is purely fictional and any names, websites, or other nouns used in the podcast are meant solely for amusement. No copyright infringement on Welcome to Night Vale is intended.

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Welcome to part 2 of my interview with @lmhenry9 where she shares some tales from TMC12, meeting tweeps, and discuss the changing landscape of teaching.

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Listen in as Lisa takes us through her introduction to twitter, how teaching has changed for her over the years, and how this whole TMC thing got started.

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Part 2 of my chat with @wahedahbug, a teacher from the small town of Hana, HI.

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Hailing from the beautiful Hana, Hawaii, @wahedahbug shares her stories from life in a small town and how she is always striving to be a better teacher.

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Part 2 of my chat with Max Ray of The Math Forum. 

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This week we hear from Max Ray of The Math Forum about the identity of Dr. Math, pro-tips for teaching geometry, what is critical when giving written feedback, and what he does at The Math Forum.

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This conversation was kicked off after I read Josh's blogpost Why school itself undermines the message of lifelong learning. The subtext we send students daily in class through the format of how we teach and grade is something that's interested me since I started teaching. In Episode 111, Josh and I chat about some of our experiences and thoughts surrounding the messages we send our students and how life doesn't go downhill after high school.

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Here is part two of my interview with @cheesemonkeysf where we talk about resourcefulness, those lightbulb moments, and cheesemonkeyef shows her English teacher side.

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After a delightful lunch with Avery and Bree, today's guest and I sat down to chat about her history in the teaching world, some thoughts on teaching middle school, and musings about the twitterverse. 

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Enjoy this Bonus Infinite Tangents episode recorded live at a trivia night hosted by Desmos and Mathalicious and MC'd by Dan Meyer at NCTM Denver.

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I sat down with a principal (fun fact: he was my principal!) to ask a few questions about interviewing, demo lessons, working with peers, and what advice he had for first year teachers. 

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Check out the DITLife Tumblr and listen in on how you can submit your own teaching day for the podcast.

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After letting me crash at his place, Avery agreed to podcasting about his intro into teaching, some classroom projects and how is school is working on status issues. 

Links for today's episode can be found over at

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This week we're taking a look at, One Good Thing, a feature on Illustrative Mathematics, and teacher responses ot the prompt: How do you spend your lunch? Don't forget to check out the blog (  for links mentioned in today's podcast.

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Episode 103 featuring the wonderful Tina Cardone of Drawing on Math. Don't forget to reply to her question in the comments on the blog ( and to send in your response to this weeks' prompt.

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Welcome to the second episode of the podcast! We're on Short Form this week which means there are multiple topics covered and you'll get to hear some responses to last week's prompt: How do you start your teaching day?

Links from the Episode:

Daily Desmos

Global Math Department and Julie's Presentation on GDocs

Readers: FeedlyFlipboardNewsblurDigg

Prompt Responders: @fawnpnguyen@wahedahbug@samjshah@johnberray@sarcasymptote. If you are not following these folks on twitter, I highly recommend!

Next week we'll be back to Long Form chatting with the delightful @crstn85 of Drawing on Math. Thanks for listening!

To leave feedback for the podcast, head to and use the feedback option on the sidebar.

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Episode 101: Mathy McMatherson

See for more details about this podcast.

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Hey, Everyone! Here is a short introduction to the podcast, its host, its goals, and how you can help. Cheers!

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